Aerial Thermal Assessments

Aerial FM have invested in leading FLIR thermal technology to enable our unmanned drones to assess client buildings for energy efficiency. Heat is lost through poor or damaged insulation properties in windows, walls, roofs and pipe cladding. Heating systems work harder to compensate for poor insulation and to maintain set temperatures therefore utility costs increase. Our thermal technology offers high-sensitivity infrared scanning above your property using our unmanned aircraft, producing a quicker, more effective and less expensive thermal solution for your building.

Thermal Building Assessments

Our thermal surveys will assess the roof and external envelope (i.e. building fabric, glazed facades). On completion, Aerial FM will provide a detailed report demonstrating areas of your building where heat is lost through damaged or poor insulation.  Our report uses thermal colour representations of your building where heat is presently being lost.  This allows our clients to identify remedial works that will produce a more energy and cost efficient building.

Plant & Equipment

Our thermal technology can be used to detect damaged insulation on building heating or cooling pipework. Insulation on roof systems can be damaged due to storms, general weathering or by birds which contributes to heat loss and an increased utility usage.

Thermal assessments can be used to detect hot spots on chimneys and flue linings that would identify thinning or damage. Our chimney inspections are non-invasive therefore they can be completed while in operation thus removing downtime or disruption to building occupants.

Solar Panel Inspections

Aerial solar panel assessments are a quicker and less expensive solution to fault finding on commercial and residential panels.  A thermal assessment can assess a large number of units in a quarter of the time and diagnose pre-existing defects, or cells in the process of breaking down through excessive over heating.

Leak Detection

Thermal roof surveys can be used to detect moisture within a roof membrane. It can successfully identify where moisture is penetrating the roof, or where moisture is tracking under the membrane. Having thermal visibility leads to identifying leak points and supports a quicker and more successful repair.

EPC Assessment & Section 63 Regulation (Scotland) Support

Our thermal assessments can support building owners and facilities managers to detect energy loss so buildings can take steps to be more energy efficient and be awarded a higher energy performance rating.  Our services work in conjunction with UK energy assessors to submit thermal data towards the Energy Performance Certificate or to support the Section 63 Regulation (Scotland).  Our services are available to support EPC surveys for commercial and residential properties.

Our thermal assessments include:

  • External thermal assessments of roofs, skylights, external walls, windows & glazed facades
  • Pipe insulation assessments
  • Chimney & flue assessments
  • Solar energy panel inspections
  • Electrical Assessments
  • EPC Support