Aerial Building Surveys

Working or inspecting at height is high risk but is essential when assessing storm damage, water leaks, roof and fabric integrity or unstable masonry. This is especially true of fragile roofs, skylights and areas devoid of edge protection or mansafe systems.

In 2014-15, falls from height accounted for 50 per cent of all deaths in the workplace within UK, according to HSE statistics. At Aerial FM, we remove the human risk and replace with unmanned drone technology when inspecting at height.  We offer a safer, quicker and more affordable solution to viewing areas of your building that are inaccessible, hazardous and high risk.

Roof, Steelwork & Building Fabric Surveys

Our aerial surveys can be offered as a one off flight, or contracted as a periodic building inspection. Our aerial survey covers the external envelope (i.e. building fabric, steelwork, roofs, guttering, skylights, cladding and glazing). Fragile roofs can be easily surveyed without the need for direct contact with the roof, safety lines and crawl boards. Our reports can quickly assess leak detection, storm damage, weathering and degradation, drainage issues, defects, vegetation, safety hazards or bird control problems.   Our drone can be flown indoors for internal assessments where there is an inaccessible location that requires inspection or where access equipment is either too costly or is not an option due to public access areas (i.e. hotels, concert venues, cinemas, shopping centres, atriums etc).

Smoke Ventilation & Roof Plant Operational Assessments

Aerial surveys can assess the operation of roof mounted smoke ventilation systems from the air. A large building with multiple smoke ventilators can take time to check each zone and to physically verify a ventilator is fully opening and closing. Our aerial assessment offers a less expensive and quicker solution to monitoring a large number of ventilators and identifying defective vents from a prime viewpoint.

Periodic Steeple, Chimney & Flue Inspections

Our unmanned drone removes the need for ladder access to tall structures such as steeples, chimneys or flues. Our periodic chimney inspections can assess structural integrity using 4k video data and a thermal assessment to assess thinning or damage within the flue or chimney. Our surveys are non-invasive therefore chimney or flues can remain in operation during inspection.

Structure Inspections

Bridge structure inspections are ideally suited to unmanned drone surveys as our aircraft can operate over water and  reach inaccessible areas on the underside of a structure, without closing the bridge to pedestrians or traffic.  Steelwork inspections will look for corrosion, damage to coatings or stress related defects to steelwork and fixings.


Data from our surveys are provided as a detailed written report containing identified defects, photographs, links to video data and optional specialist consultation from our expert partners.  Survey data can also be provided as a 3D model of our client’s building or structure where it can be easily navigated to review defects and locations etc.

Aerial FM Limited is independent of roofing or building fabric contractors so our advice can be trusted to make informed decisions on your building or structure.  Watch our survey showreel as a demonstration of our data quality, speed and why it is now the safest way to inspect at height.

Our aerial surveys include:

  • Roof surveys – inspecting the condition of asbestos cement roofs,
    tiled roofs, aluminium panel roofs, flat felt roofs, skylights, fragile structures etc
  • Leak detection
  • Roof warranty audits
  • Roof safety checks
  • Lightning protection inspections
  • Antennae inspections
  • Annual chimney, flue & spire Inspections
  • Gutter inspections
  • Steelwork inspections
  • Annual smoke ventilation condition & operational survey
  • Roof plant condition survey
  • Bird control – identifying nest locations for quick removal
  • Fabric & glazing assessments
  • Sprinkler tank inspections
  • Contractor Assessments – assessing work & safety standards
  • Security reports – periodic perimeter fencing assessments
  • Bridge and structure inspections

Sample building survey images: