3D Mapping

2D and 3D mapping is the latest service from Aerial FM and provides interactive solutions to estate management, planning or building management using models of terrain, an estate or property. This allows our clients better navigation of survey data and can be used across other applications or within presentations.

2D and 3D mapping can be used in the management of buildings, farming, forestry, mining, quarries, land development, flood prevention, pollution control, planning presentations etc. Aerial FM mapping is created with our unmanned drones following a pre-determined flight path, collecting a large sequence of overlapping geotagged photographs. The data is then transferred to professional mapping software where the data is engineered to create a 2D topographic map, 3D model or to extract land or property measurements from the data collected.

The video below is a demo of 3D mapping created by our team and rotated to demonstrate how this application may benefit clients. This data can then be imported to third party applications such as CAD to illustrate new property development proposals, extensions or alternative land uses on the map or model.  The model can be rotated to give your client a 3D perspective on your plans.


Our 3D mapping surveys include:

  • 2D Topographic Mapping
  • 3D Terrain/Property Modelling
  • Land & Property Measurements & Volume Data